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    Female Ejaculation-How To

    I have seen a few posts on this page asking about female ejaculation, but there was no given “how to.”  So if I may, impart some knowledge on the art of coming your brains out.

    Luckily for me, I have an amazing partner who was so gracious to give me a practical demonstration and to also help me practice perfectly.

    Some people who give advice on this will say that complete internal g-spot stimulation is key, others will say strictly clitoral stimulation.  However, every body is different, and every body likes to be stimulated in a different way.  So it really does not matter how you like it, but the key to female ejaculation is to know your body.  First, I would like to suggest that if you are interested in having mind blowing orgasms (with or without a partner) that you do some kegel exercises.  You can do them while you are at work, at school, standing up, sitting down, etc.  It’s fun to masturbate without touching yourself and it will make orgasms that much more intense when you can control your muscles down there.

    So with that said, I will repeat, that knowing your body is key.  After you have been going at it for a while, and you feel that you are about to climax, it will feel like you genuinely have to pee.  (If you are self-conscious about peeing on your partner, try going to the bathroom before sex)  That is a good feeling to have because that is your cue to start pushing out and downward (if any of you have taken lemaze classes or have had a mid-wife, they might have told you to imagine going up and down the elevator; when I say out and downward, you are going down the elevator).  It is important to start using your muscles to start pushing out and down as soon as the urge to pee becomes more and more intense.  You want to make sure you start pushing before you actually complete your orgasm, if you start pushing too late, you may want to rub one out or go again to get the built up fluid out of your body-it is the female equivalent of blue balls.  Once you start pushing you will want your partner to get the fuck out of your cunt so you can release what you have built up.

    It will take some practice initially, then you will start to see small puddles (which proves that you can in fact ejaculate), and then you will start to see great lakes which can lead to you hosing something down from across the room.


    1:You will want to be super hydrated.  Female ejaculate is a mix of your internal fluid and urine.  To have it be more of the former, over the latter, I recommend lots of water pre-sex. 

    2: There will be times that you will in fact pee on your partner, or the bed, wherever/whomever.  But if peeing feels that good, do not feel bad for having a fucking amazing orgasm.

    3: Communication is super sexy, talk to your partner before and during sex to let them know what you do or do not like, and vice versa, this will make it the best experience for the both of you.  If your partner is not super turned on or is “weirded” out by your ejaculation, then have a serious talk with them.  That is definitely their prerogative and their preference, but there is no reason to feel shamed about what you can do with your body, it is beautiful, and it gives such an intense feeling of satisfaction and emotional attachment it is well worth the practice.

    I wish I would have seen this at the beginning of the year….I didn’t know what happened and um..yeah, I was kind of scared…..

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